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Pihl & Søn

Tower Havneholmen - Copenhagen

Thomas Jensen, Project Manager from Pihl & Søn was responsible for the building of Tower Havneholmen at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen. We spoke to him about his experience of using Altiflex.


Tower Havneholmen is an area of approx. 18.000 m2 distributed over 11 office floors and 8.000 m2 of parking on 3 floors. Thomas Jensen has been involved in Skanska Øresund’s DKK 360 million turnkey contract right from the project planning phase and is responsible for the total costs of the project as well as all the previous calculations.

“Altiflex was used to seal windows and doors.
- It was for business reasons pure and simple that we chose Altiflex. I figured it would be worth it and it was basically a case of saving the pennies”, explains Thomas.

“If one solution costs 7 EUR and another costs 10 EUR, then People will always pick the one for 7 EUR, but you need to remember to include all factors in your calculations. Altiflex does not cost anything to rent, but with traditional plastic seals you still have to pay for wood, plastic, labour and maintenance. Once Altiflex is fitted,it stays.

The traditional solution simply didn’t pay. In the comparative calculation Altiflex came out the cheapest. In addition there was also the energysaving factor, because we had to heat megetop to cast the concrete.”



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