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  • Certified to EN13374 for Edge ProtectionDownload certificat
  • Can be adjusted in height and width
  • Has a U-value of 2.6, equivalent to earlier types of double glazing window
  • The pane consists of a 10 mm panel of 4-ply polycarbonate
  • The frames are made from powder-coated aluminium
  • Reduce noise by approx. 20 dB.
  • Dimensioned to comply with the Danish Standard for wind load, DS 1991 1-4

Solutions & advantages

Many solutions with great advantages


An effective temporary enclosure of the facade sends a professional signal, as the building looks presentable from an early stage in construction.

Internal walls:

Screening by dust walls, partition walls and noise-reduction walls in the construction process makes it possible to create clean and healthy working enviroment.

Special solutions:

Altiflex special solutions can be adapted according to the needs of the particular project and contribute to effective and energy-efficient building processes.


  • Comply with the requirements of DS/EN 13374 for temporary edge protection system.
    Download certificat
  • Can be adjusted for height and width and consist of an aluminium frame surrounding an insulative polycarbonate panel with a U-value of 2.8 W/o C/m2.
  • Reduce noise by approx. 20 dB.
  • Production is controlled according to ISO 9001 standards, thus ensuring a uniform high quality.