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Mission, Vision & Values


We shall inspire the building industry into thinking new solutions which favour the environment and sustainability, improve the working environment and enhance safety on the building site, while also encouraging greater industrialisation of the building process and providing financial benefits for our customers.

Through a targeted focus on the leading industry players, we seek to increase the use of our flexible modular system of temporary building enclosures, including facades, internal dust and noise-reducing partitions, temporary doors and many other purposes.


We wish to make the Altiflex system the natural and preferred choice for temporary building enclosures.
Our users – contractors, builders and consultants – see us as a competent supplier and sparring partner, and able to create value for them in the building process. The Altiflex brand naturally evokes our core services: sustainability, improved working environment and financial benefits.

The continued growth and development of our company is secured by enabling greater knowledge of our solutions and by fostering strong corporation with rental and distribution partners in Denmark as well as internationally - with an initial focus on Northern Europe and Canada.


Altiflex feels a great responsibility for focussing on sustainability and value creation in building projects. This covers both an awareness of total economy, the environment, working environment and energy consumption and also a social responsibility for our business partners and suppliers.

Our values encompass three fundamental responsibilities:

Environmental responsibility
Financial responsibility
Social responsibility





  • Altiflex founded by Lasse F. Ramskov


  • A jury with representatives from Væksthusene, Incube Science Park, Ejerlederne and the Danish Business and Construction Authority vote Altiflex to be Denmark’s most promising growth company.


  • Sales work starts in export markets in Northern Europe and Canada.


  • Under the new growth plan, cooperation begins with national rental and services partners in Denmark, thus ensuring wider marketing of the Altiflex system.
  • Awarded title of “Gazelle Company of the Year” by financial newspaper Børsen. This award reflects the fact that the company is one of the most rapidly growing companies in Denmark.
  • Selected for employment development organisation Væksthuset’s Autumn Campaign “Silent Heroes”
  • Altiflex is invited to participate in the “Danish Business Delegation” – an export drive to Canada with backing from the Danish Royal Family.
  • Altiflex is nominated for the CSR Environment Prize by CSR Awards in Holstebro, Jutland.


The big idea

The man behind Altiflex is Lasse F. Ramskov, who in 2004 conceived the concept of the Altiflex modules while running a building company. Altiflex was birthed from a need for reliable temporary building enclosures. The system is unique, but simple and effective.

The typical reaction from architects, engineers, contractors and builders has been: “Why on earth did we never think of that ourselves? It’s just what we’ve always needed”. With such positive feedback, Ramskov was already clear that he had a unique invention on his hands. Since then, the growth curve has gone up and up, and Altiflex is now known and used by many different construction players.

The Danish company holds the world-wide patent and is growing strongly both in Denmark and abroad.

Plastic kludge

Traditionally, the building industry has done their enclosure on the construction site with wooden frames and plastic film. The problem with plastic is that damp and mould form easily, it doesn’t keep the heat in and it’s easy to break into with a simple utility knife. In the Danish climate, plastic tears and needs regular repair and maintenance. In the long run, plastic enclosures rapidly become an expensive kludge solution.

“There must be a better way”

Ramskov identified a need for a temporary enclosure which would provide reliable enclosure. The time for kludges was over, and this philosophy still directs the work of Altiflex today. We do nothing halfway, but trust that it pays to do a thing right the first time.

In addition to providing a more conducive working environment, Altiflex modules keep heating costs down, avoid damp and mould, protect from theft and do away with the use of guardrails. All features which bring significant savings to the individual building site.

Progress has been quick – and our growth continues

Altiflex has developed into a successful business and is currently in a rapid transition from local trades firm to industrial company. The geographic focus of the Altiflex rental business has previously been centred on the Greater Copenhagen area. However, Altiflex has a large potential in Denmark and internationally, especially countries with a move to optimize the construction process, a focus on sustainability and a regulated working environment, including elements such as safety and improved working conditions.

We are now focusing on developing relations and agreements with business partners who can take charge of the renting and distribution of Altiflex modules to contractors and other relevant customer groups. To help the process along, we intend to provide our business partners with contacts, sales leads, advice and installation partners, so the rental of Altiflex always will be simple, efficient and problem-free.

  • Altiflex receives support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program (award no. 858617) Dansk  |  English  |  Deutsch  |  Svenska