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Support and guidance

Targeted advice and guidance

We focus on offering our business partners consultancy and technical support throughout the tasks. It is important for us to be able to offer competent advice and specific solutions for the interim enclosure of your building project at an early stage in the planning process.

By participating in the planning process we can help you eliminate some of the challenges during the construction period. Overall, Altiflex provides high performance in terms of safety, energy effiency, productivity and total improved economy. By using the Altiflex system you gain a number of savings, e.g. on energy consumption, heating, anti-theft protection and edge protection systems.

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Technical support

We are specialists in interim enclosures and special solutions for the temporary enclosure of construction sites.

We offer assistance and service to contractors, engineers and clients, and help them achieve a professional and durable solution.
Our team comprises all kind of specialists in construction - from carpenters and masons to engineers. We guide and assistance the use of the Altiflex system and help you plan and process your interims enclosure.
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New processes on the construction site

The Altiflex system is an innovative and flexible system for temporary walls, partitions and building enclosures. 

"Traditionel building enclosure with timber frames and plastic are much cheeper than your product." This statement is often heard when we contact construction sites for the first time. To get a realistic view of the total cost of the plastic-and-timber solution, it is important to consider all expenses and actions in planning the construction project. Often the traditional planning strategies are to divide the budget and responsibilities in to “boxes” such as shown below:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Dismantling
  • Edge protection systems
  • Heating
  • Drying
  • Disposal

When the costs are divided like this it is difficult to calculate what the exact cost of timber frames and plastic truly are.

Using the Altiflex system ensures a better total improved economy and makes it easy to calculate the total budget across the various costs.


The Altiflex system provides:

  • Installating and dismantling
  • No maintenance during construction period
  • Approved edge protection system (EN 13374) and increased site safety
  • Insulates and keeps the construction heated
  • Reducing the dry out period when the construction site is effectively enclosed
  • No waste and no disposal – every part of the system is reusable
  • Better work conditions with no mould or damp

Traditional enclosures with timber frames and plastic do not retain heat and rapidly becomes a more costly solution than using the Altiflex system when you need to heat a building or certain area during the construction or renovation.

In addition to energy savings on the consumption for heating, the Altiflex system gives further savings on edge protection system, ongoing maintenance and waste disposal.

Deals on temporary walls and building enclosures with timber frames and plywood do often not contain dismantling, edge protection systems, disposal and maintenance.

Compared to traditional building enclosures with timber frames and plastic, Altiflex offers a system with outstanding durability and long life span. Securing a building or an area with Altiflex greatly improves site safety as well as provides improved working conditions, which has a positive impact on productivity and morale. The system provides high performance in terms of safety, energi effience, productivity and total improved economy.

In other words: Altiflex temporary walls and building enclosures bring you a packet of solutions in one.

Product competence



  Timber frames and plastic Altiflex modules
Best value x x
Flexible solution to seal off the construction site x x
Allows transmission of daylight x x
Minimizes annoying draughts x x
Effective guard against water and moisture in the construction x x
Extra-insulating walls and 100% dust proof x x
Allows clean working processes on both sides of the module x x
Sound reduction x x
Approved edge protection system in accordance with EN13374 x x
Impact-resistant, virtually unbreakable and thus prevent theft x x
No maintenance during the construction time x x
Best insulation ability and density x x
Short drying x x
No waste and no disposal - every thing can be reused x x
Possible to lock and prevents theft from the construction site x x
Most sustainable choice x x