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  • Certified to EN13374 for Edge ProtectionDownload certificat
  • Can be adjusted in height and width
  • Has a U-value of 2.6, equivalent to earlier types of double glazing window
  • The pane consists of a 10 mm panel of 4-ply polycarbonate
  • The frames are made from powder-coated aluminium
  • Reduce noise by approx. 20 dB.
  • Dimensioned to comply with the Danish Standard for wind load, DS 1991 1-4

Altiflex modules

An innovative high performance system

What can Altiflex do for you?

We offer the best temporary wall and building enclosure on the market. We develop, test, stock and market an innovative and flexible system for temporary walls, partitions and building enclosures. It provides high performance in terms of safety, energy efficiency, productivity and total improved economy. Our modules have been developed and tested to withstand Northern Europe’s harsh climate, and to meet local building standards as well as market requirements.

In brief

  • Interim enclosure and edge protection systems in a single system.
  • Adjustable windows and doors which can be combined to close practically any opening in a building.
  • Impact-resistant and fracture-proof and thus theft preventive.

Insulative and reusable


Altiflex modules are reusable and have a long life span. The module needs no regular maintenance and as the modules are reused, there is no waste and no disposal during the construction period.

The pane consists of a 10 mm sound and heat insulating panel of 4-ply fracture-proof polycarbonate. The 10 mm cellular panels have a U-value of 2.8, equivalent to earlier types of double glazing window. This provides high heating and energy savings for winter construction, etc. Sustainability
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Flexible and adjustable


Altiflex modules consist of a polycarbonate pane and a frame which is adjustable in height and width. The frames are made from powder-coated aluminium.

The side profiles can slide in the corner piece allowing the module to be scaled up to 25 cm ekstra in height and width. This flexibility of the corner permits 100 % adaptation of the module to all sizes of openings.
Altiflex modules are adjustable for height and width and consist of various sizes of window and door modules, which effectively seal off the building – whether in the case of door, window and hoist openings, concrete cores or whole walls.

This flexible system is unique, and has been patented in many different countries. The modules can be combined as required and enclose all openings of the building. They are available as openable or preunopenable, to allow for materials to be hoisted in, etc.

Impact-resistant, fracture-proof and theft preventive


Altiflex modules enclose the building so the construction site appears closed off. If a short-term opening in the enclosure is required, one or more modules can easily be dismantled and then refitted.

Altiflex modules are impact-resistant and fracture-proof and have high light transmission.

The modules have been developed and tested to withstand Northern Europe's harsh climate, and comply with the Danish Standard for wind load, DS 1991 1-4 .

Altiflex modules withstand high windloads and are impact-resistant, fracture-proof, antitheft and are approved as edge protection system (EN13374 European Standards). Compared to traditional building enclosure with timber frames and plastic, Altiflex offers a system with outstanding durability and long life span.


Low weight and high strength


Aluminium is a metal with many useful properties: low weight, stiffness, strength and formability. By using aluminium instead of steel, the total weight is lower, making the modules easier to lift and handle.

Aluminium is a strong and durable material in relation to its weight and the profiles are made from powder coated aluminium which increases the modules durability.

Sustainable materials


Aluminium is the third most common element in the earth’s crust. There is almost unlimited access to aluminium, as around 8% of the earth’s crust consists of aluminium in the form of various minerals. To reduce environmental impact, extraction is often performed in fields where intervening areas are left untouched.

In practice, aluminium is almost 100 % recycleable. When reusing it by remelting the aluminium, it is only necessary to apply 5 % of the energy used to make the primary aluminium. In this way, the aluminium products of our time form a future energy-friendly material resource.

The Altiflex system is a robust solution which contributes to an effective and energy-saving building site. Sustainability
Read about our green profile.

Good working environment


With excellent insulation quality the Altiflex system meets the rules of the Danish Working Environment Agency for a temperature of min. 10 o C in work areas with hard physical labour and min. 15 o C in other work areas.

The working environment at a constructin site protected by Altiflex modules is far more comfortable than when enclosed by a simple plastic sheet mounted on a timber frame.

It is far easier to maintain a comfortable working temperature, while outside noise is significantly attenuated. It is also possible to keep the working process clean on both sides of the modules.

The result is that work processes can be performed with greater efficiency and faster completion.


  • Comply with the requirements of DS/EN 13374 for temporary edge protection system.
    Download certificat
  • Can be adjusted for height and width and consist of an aluminium frame surrounding an insulative polycarbonate panel with a U-value of 2.8 W/o C/m2.
  • Reduce noise by approx. 20 dB.
  • Production is controlled according to ISO 9001 standards, thus ensuring a uniform high quality.