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Training and education

Skills profile

Altiflex installers all undergo our basic training (A - level), with an option for later upgrading (A+ - level).

An Altiflex installer has the following skills profile:




Skills A+ - level A - level
Facade enclosure x x
Dust walls x x
Noise-reduction walls x x
Doors x x
Gates X X
Workrooms X X
Storage rooms X X
Airlocks X X
Scaffolding covering X X
Tent and total covering X X
Mounting X X
Dismounting X X
Benefits X X
Solutions X X
Special solutions X X
Price calculation course X  
Customer visits X  
Quotations X  
Counselling X  
Guidance X  

Training programmes

As an alternative  to our installation corps, we offer on site training for local installers.

For clients that wish to use their own installers  for mounting and dismounting the Altiflex system, we offer on site  training where the installers get introuced to and trained in mounting and dismounting of the Altifle system and its' benefits. The content and duration of the training will thus vary according to the specific project.

Subsequently we offer to train a permanent team of installers who can be used by the client throughout the whole construction process. These installers are trained in all solutions which may be necessary on site, and the content and duration of the training will therefore vary according to the specific project.