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Our rental is also flexible

When planning a construction work it is beneficial to take account of the seasons. Proper interim enclosure from construction start lowers drying-out times, makes budgets easier to control and allows indoor work to be started far earlier than with traditional enclosures. Altiflex modules are an easy and effective way of providing interim enclosures for your building.

You can rent interim closures for your building as follows:

Rent through one of our partners

Rental through Altiflex

Rental through a concrete manufacturer

You can choose to cooperate with a concrete manufacturer, who offers an all-inclusive solution in which they mount the modules in the precast concrete components.

It will often be possible to mount 40 % of the Altiflex modules at the factory and 40 % mounted in the concrete components on site.The remaining 20 % would be subject to an agreement between the precast concrete manufacturer and the Altiflex installation corps, who would be responsible for mounting, dismounting and return.

This ensures that the modules are returned to Altiflex after use, thus the rent is optimized and cost for non-returned equipment is avoided.

Contact Altiflex for further information.